Life Gets Better When You Feel Good!

Animator: Toni Rebic, M.A., Psychologist


We often get the impression that life happens to us, and that we have little say in the matter

Not True!

In fact, everything that happens to us is a reflection of what we are thinking and feeling. The problem is that so few of us understand how we do it, and more importantly, how we can do it consciously.


Learn How To:

  • Be aware of what your mind thinks and how it is creating your present and future
  • Get unstuck from negative patterns you’ve been struggling with
  • Have access to the mental resources in your mind
  • Detach from the negative energies of people around you
  • Detach from the negatives pulling you down


  • Identify what is making you react on impulse to situations, people or things
  • Be in emotional control to respond as you would like
  • Not take things personally and be non- reactive
  • Increase your personal energy
  • Relieve yourself from stress and become more resilient
  • Move forward in your life without struggle and with more positive mental and emotional energy

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What’s Unique About Our Classes? 

Each class is 3 sessions, building on each other
designed to help you restructure the way your mind thinks

The classes are Interactivethis is not a talk seminar!

It promises to deliver a practical, no-nonsense approach to learning how to manage your emotions by changing your mindset

Homework assignments are given in between sessions
– and we expect you to do them!

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