Reset Your Mindset

A workshop on script-writing

to condition your mind for the life you want!

Animator: Toni Rebic, M.A., Psychologist


Ever wonder why you get stuck in an endless loop? Why you are not successful at certain aspects of your life that are important to you?

Would you like to:

  • Change the limiting beliefs getting in your way? 
  • Turn off that inner critic? 
  • Transform doubt into support? 


If you don’t have what you want, 

it’s because you are not in the right mindset to bring that life experience to you!

Your mind is filled with resistance and doubts instead of confidence, which get in the way of you achieving your goals. You can only have what you want if your mindset supports you having it.

In this class, you will develop the right inner language to achieve your personal and professional objectives and experience life the way you want.

Through learning to ‘Reset Your Mindset’ and replace negative thought patterns with more positive ones, you’ll be able to feel and experience life the way you want to! 

We will work on your mindset so that good thinking comes to you so readily, it will feel easier to think positive thoughts. 

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In This Course:

  •        Learn to use the power of the present moment to make clear decisions
  •        Design supportive inner dialogue to sustain an effective core belief that will help you attain your goals 

  •        Become aware of the influence you have over how you think and feel 

  •        Create empowering belief systems that feel right for you


What’s Unique About Our Classes? 

Each class is 3 sessions, building on eachother,  designed to help you restructure the way your mind thinks

The classes are Interactivethis is not a talk seminar! It promises to deliver a practical, no-nonsense approach to learning how to manage your emotions by changing your mindset

Homework assignments are given in between sessions- and we expect you to do them!

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