Let Go and Live a better life!

Ever try to let go of something, or someone? How did it feel?

Ever try to let go of something, or someone?

For many, letting go is one of the most painful and difficult experiences they will ever go through.

But I would like to share with you what letting go really means, and how much you gain when you do so: the freedom, the lightness, the evolution.

But why is letting go so hard to do if there is so much to gain?

Letting go can be painful because – think about it – it means you must let go of something you still want, someone you still love, or something that still defines you.

It can be people you are attached to – like friends or family – but who no longer fit you. It could be something that no longer works for you- like a job-, something you have yet to get over – like betrayal – or even something you still believe in – like love.

When you are still attached to what you need to let go of, you are no longer free. At some point, not letting go becomes the problem and causes more pain.

What if instead, you understood that when you don’t let go, you are keeping that pain, that poison and hurt around with you – festering inside you – and it’s robbing you of the very things you want?

In not letting go, you are actually carrying an emotional burden with you at all times, every day, infecting and affecting your decisions, your energy, how you feel about yourself, how you perceive life, your expectations, your limitations… keeping you stuck!

It takes courage to let go and realize the past is not meant to change but rather, is there for you  to evolve from so you can decide what is yet to come!

Once you take the steps to release the burden, you will feel so much freer, so much lighter and open to what is ahead.

Sometimes you have to forgive not because the other person deserves it, but because You do. And sometimes you have to give up on false hopes in order to truly live out your new dreams.

Let Go and Live a Better Life!

  • Let go of what no longer serves you, what burdens you or brings you down
  • Move on from what holds you back
  • Release yourself from past regrets and what you thought could have been
  • Detach and look ahead to new opportunities

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