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Hello everyone,

One of the hardest challenges in life is to live in the present moment. People all over the world meditate, study, and pray in an attempt to bring themselves back to the now.

But why do we continuously seek to do this?

Because Now is Where All Your Power Is.

The more you can control your mind to live in the now, the more you improve your quality of life, gain better control over your emotions, and direct your thoughts to your life of choice.

Now is really all you have and the only place you can be. It’s when you think outside of now, that you lose your power and your emotional control.

The ‘Get In the Now’ Workshop
is all about learning how to live in the Now!

Learn How To:

  • Control and direct your thoughts

  • Make clear and better decisions

  • Choose feel good emotions more often

  • Be alert and conscious about how and what you think

  • Detach from circumstances and gain better control over your emotions

  • Respond rather than react to life situations

In class, we will be practicing In-The-Now techniques and strategies, such as

  • Conscious Meditation

  • Focusing exercises

  • Senses attunement

  • The ‘Observer effect’

  • Detachment and how to let go

  • And much more…


Learning to Live in the Now is one of the most empowering concepts in personal development, but one of the hardest to master! It takes know-how and diligent practice, so join me in harnessing  this powerful life changing skill to live… right now.

See you in class,


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