Techniques of Meditation, Visualization, and Self-Hypnosis


One of the most challenging things we can do in life, is to quiet our minds.  We get overwhelmed with our thoughts, our many responsibilities, and endless to do lists, and it becomes difficult to ‘just be’.

Meditation is an extremely effective technique for calming the busy mind. Research has long demonstrated the benefits meditation can have in promoting emotional and physical wellness, relieving stress, depression and anxiety, increasing well-being, and helping with concentration and focus;


it’s your body’s own anti-depressant and anti-stressor!


Visualization and self-hypnosis are key for gaining focus and being centered, through learning how to direct how our mind works and being able to consciously choose our thoughts.


In This Class, Learn How to:

  • Detach from your thoughts
  • Think about not thinking  
  • Properly meditate to gain inner calmness
  • Be able to consciously choose your thoughts
  • Relax your mind and body so you can emerge refreshed and focused



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