Conscious Parenting

We are privileged with a gift
when a beautiful child comes into our world
and we become

The problem is, we don’t always know the right way to raise them, and

this can lead to fights, challenges to authority, and tensions in the family.

As someone who has worked with many clients who have lingering problems as a

byproduct of how they were raised, I have learned how important it is to instill

the right conditioning in our children when they are young, as well as develop a

conscious approach to parenting.

In this workshop, learn:

  • How your child’s brain develops and how to instill the right information in them

  • How to teach your child how’ instead of just ‘what’ to think

  • Useful behavioral modification tools

  • How to best understand your youth or young adult

  • How to help your child develop healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and a strong sense of self-worth

  • How important it is to to take care of yourself while being a parent and nourish the parenting team

See you in class,

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(514) 933-2289

text: (514) 833-5330

Workshops are three Thursday evenings
(doors open at 6:45pm) 

Dates: coming in 2020

TrueSelf Center

460 Ste-Catherine West, Suite 908, Montréal (McGill metro, across from The Bay)


One person: $225 + tax = $258.69

Two people: $395 + tax = $454.25

10% off if you take consecutive classes or bring a friend; 
-50% off if you repeat the class

Payment options:
Check, cash or credit card, 
payment plans are accepted

Reservations Needed: 
Contact (514) 933-2289 

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