‘The Best of Me’ Workshop

Toni Rebic, M.A.,Psychologist


We struggle so hard to develop ourselves… instead of realizing we already have all the attributes we need to improve the overall quality of our lives!

There are a multitude of valuable and unique qualities within us we often don’t recognize. We tend to focus more on our faults and what’s wrong with us rather than on the strengths of our character.

The problem with this is that by focusing on our weaknesses, we empower them, rather than empowering our strengths

This course will teach you how to change your mindset and focus on:

  • Your strengths of character and personality
  • Your positive qualities
  • Your empowering attributes
  • And the best that is already inside of you!

Self-esteem is built as a function of how well we know ourselves
and how much we
value what we know

This class will help you:

  • Develop an awareness of your qualities and strengths

  • Enable you to use this awareness to tap into your strengths

  • Focus and build on your positive qualities


By the end of this course you will:

  • Feel empowered by your strengths

  • Feel energetic

  • Be capable of handling the situations you may have been avoiding

  • Be centered within yourself

  • Be well-balanced

  • Be emotionally strong

A new mindset changes the way you see the world and reflects back to you a new life

Note: This is an interactive course – this is not a talk seminar! It promises to deliver a practical, no-nonsense approach to learning how to manage your emotions by changing your mindset.

Homework assignments will be given in between course-sessions.

What’s Unique About Our Classes? 

Each class is 3 sessions, building on each other,  designed to help you restructure the way your mind thinks

The classes are Interactive – this is not a talk seminar! It promises to deliver a practical, no-nonsense approach to learning how to manage your emotions by changing your mindset

Homework assignments are given in between sessions- and we expect you to do them!

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Dates3-week course

Thursday January 17, 24, 31

(doors open at 6:45pm)


TrueSelf Center
460 Ste-Catherine West, Suite 908
Montréal, QC

One person: $225 + tax = $258.69

Two people: $395 + tax = $454.15

10% off if you take consecutive classes

Half price if you have already taken this class and want a refresher

Payment options:
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Limited seating:
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Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

       Not sure if this is the workshop for you?      

Come to the first of three sessions and experience for yourself  what you can get out of this course- on us!
            If it’s not what you are looking for, simply do not attend the following two sessions

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