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help you develop into a stronger and more confident person

Specially designed by Psychologist Toni Rebic, M.A, all TrueSelf group therapy Montreal courses are unique and tailored to meet the developmental needs of individuals seeking to master their emotions and be in charge of their lives. Each workshop is educational and interactive, guided by the adage of teaching a person to fish instead of giving them one.

Our TrueSelf group therapy Montreal classes are different from other workshops in that they are therapeutic without being therapy! We focus more on a ‘learn and grow’ rather than a ‘rehash and heal’ approach in order to help each other understand and better ourselves. Through collective support and encouragement, we move towards our greater selves and our life goals.

Our courses will help you discover and develop yourself, to become stronger and more centered as a person, able to embrace your life and deal with anything that comes at you. The more you develop yourself – build yourself – the more you will like who you are and be able to make clear-minded decisions with a sense of security and confidence.

All together, this will culminate in a greater quality of life. You will also show up in the lives of others with something to contribute and share in a healthy exchange.


The best of you will bring out the best in them


In our Montreal group therapy workshops,
we look forward to helping you:


  • Build and develop aspects of yourself that will make you feel good in your skin
  • Resolve negative emotions and develop a more empowering mindset
  • Choose a healthier lifestyle and make better choices
  • Resolve issues instead of rehashing old problems or hurts
  • Become strong and centered, and the ‘best of you’ in order to embrace your life and all of life’s challenges
  • Be better equipped to handle a variety of situations
  • Become more clear-minded, confident and secure

Prepare to be Engaged!

In these workshops, you’ll pick up valuable skills which will help enhance your quality of life as well as help you have more                              fulfilling relationships.            Choose the one that best resonates with you!

Stand In Your Power
Life is created by your emotions;
do you feel you are in control of yours?

This course  teaches emotional wellness, balance and empowerment. The aim is to resolve negative emotions by removing negative thought patterns and choosing healthier and more empowering ones to feel good on a regular basis

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Think It First
Did you know you are the creator of your life? And that you do so by what you think?

This course is designed to help you understand how you co-create your reality so that you can then make better life choices. The more you recognize that what comes at you is in response to what you emanate, the more you can consciously influence your vibrations to bring about what you would like to experience and see.

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Reset Your Mindset
Do you like what you tell yourself?
Do ‘the voices in your head’ get along?

If not, reserve your spot! This is a practicum course where you will be re-scripting your inner dialogue
from one of negativity and limitation, to one of strength, support and of your choosing

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Mind Your Goals
Are you taking care of your goals?
Is your mind set up to achieve them?

This course teaches you to develop mindsets that match your goals where you are inspired and easily moved into action. It includes a 6-month monthly follow-up and an accountability system to keep you on track, address any challenges encountered, and increase your probability of success.

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The Power of Us
How’s your love life and relationships? Are you feeling fulfilled and getting what you need…or are you experiencing tension, frustration, and miscommunication?

Designed for both singles and couples, this course focuses on relationship skills and bringing out the best in you so that you can experience a healthy and lasting relationship with yourself, in your couple, and with others around you.

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Belief Breakthroughs
Your beliefs either build you up or bring you down; either make things happen or stop you in your tracks.

This power course breaks the mental bonds of limiting beliefs holding you back and replaces them with new empowering ones that enable you to feel good about who you are and what you can do.

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Best of Me
A participant favorite!

Tired of hearing yourself say, “I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, if only…”?

Here you get to leave your self-criticisms and limiting thoughts at the door, as only positive thoughts are allowed! Our challenge to you: focus on the ‘best of you’ for three straight weeks and tell the world about it! Think you can handle that?

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Get In the Now
Did you know that much of what hurts or feels bad right now happened a while ago, or maybe hasn’t even happened yet? But when you think about what pains you, you lose control of your mind and waste time living in the past and future when truly, the only time you exist and experience life is right now.

‘Now’ is when you are most powerful, and when you can best change your mind about what happened long ago and what’s yet to come. Learn and practice the power of living in the present moment and how to use it most effectively to get the best results – every day.

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Let Go and Live A Better Life
It’s time to let go of old baggage and hardships that have slowed you down, so that you can be open to embracing the next opportunity in your journey.

Enjoy the joy letting go brings and celebrate the lightness of your newfound freedom!

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Be the Person You Want to See
Are you the person you want to be?
Do you have the confidence, the character, the traits you want?

This course identifies what attributes or personal skills you would like to develop so you can become the ‘you’ you want to be in your personal, professional and social life.

The Two Sides of Love
We all want love, but do you know how to give and receive it?
Not many actually do.

Learn to balance giving and receiving and see the potential of what can happen when your heart is open. The key is knowing when and how… and to whom.

Heal the Helper in You
You give and help everyone else so much you forgot one person… You!

If you are drained from always being there for others and feel there is nothing left, then it’s time you learn when not giving is the most effective response. Learn to say ‘no’ to those you say ‘yes’ to, so you can start saying ‘yes’ to the one you’ve been leaving behind.

The greatest givers must first care for themselves.  

Meditation is an extremely effective technique for calming the busy mind.

Research has long demonstrated the benefits meditation can have in promoting emotional and physical wellness, relieving stress, depression and anxiety, increasing well-being, and helping with concentration and focus. At its very essence, meditation helps you to lead a balanced life.

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Conscious Parenting

As a parent, you are one of your children’s greatest influences.

And you can help them wire the right messages and beliefs early on so that they can care for themselves, become centered and in control of their emotions, have faith in their abilities, and be well prepared for life!

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TrueSelf Classes are Truly Life Classes

Each one has a purpose of developing an aspect of yourself
to attain a healthy center and a better quality of life


CALL to reserve your seat today
for one of our upcoming TrueSelf group therapy classes in Montreal
and get on your path to wellness, alignment and living your greater self!


Classes are open to the public and may be recorded for future initiatives

The workshops will equip you with new skills and tools 
to help enhance your quality of life as well as relationships

Attending workshops created by a practicing psychologist will help you learn how to better understand your emotions and use them to your advantage instead of being controlled by them

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