TrueSelf Supervision and Training

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that the TrueSelf Center offers more than just one-on-one therapy?

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Toni Rebic, M.A. Psychologist, is the founding director of the TrueSelf Center and creator of the TrueSelf Psychology system.
A prominent psychologist in Montreal since 2005, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping wellness professionals expand their therapeutic skills.

Individual Supervision 

  • Are you a wellness professional looking to improve your skills with clients, and seeking the input of an experienced professional?

  • Are you ever stumped in a session and wish you had more guidance?

  • Would you like to discuss your cases, and find ways to improve your professional practice and approach?

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Group Supervision 

  • Are you looking for group supervision to fulfill your OPQ requirements?

  • Would you like to learn a new systematic approach to helping clients achieve meaningful, lasting change?

  • Would you like to share challenges, success and case studies with others?

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TrueSelf Psychology Training

  • Are you looking for a therapeutic system that combines healing and development?

  • Are you interested in learning more about mindset restructuring?

  • Are you seeking a coaching, directive approach to helping clients?

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TrueSelf Center is Expanding!

We are seeking a therapist who has experience with clients addressing topics such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, couples counseling…etc and who is open and willing to learn a  proactive, directive and coaching-based therapeutic system.

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