TrueSelf Psychology Coaching

Are you:

  • Looking for extra training to improve your therapeutic skills?
  • Interested in a systematic approach to helping your clients achieve meaningful, lasting change?

If yes, we are looking for wellness workers seeking additional training!


What is TrueSelf Psychology Coaching?

TrueSelf Psychology Coaching
is an innovative 18-week training program designed for healthcare professionals wishing to expand their problem-solving skills to best help their clients heal old emotional pains, restructure their thinking patterns, and come into an alignment where their subconscious and conscious minds dialogue in harmony.

How is Approach Taught?

TrueSelf Psychology Coaching system combines psychodynamic and mind-restructuring exercises to help individuals learn how to think consciously rather than be reactive to their old limiting conditioning. It removes painful recurring patterns of behavior, to enable every client to come into the awareness of their core TrueSelf and from there, make healthier life choices.

It’s from this place of conscious awareness, that the individual gains personal control and can design a life of their own making.


Why is this Coaching Program Unique?

TSPC is a
no-nonsense, strategic approach, that guides the wellness professional in each session as to how to proceed in helping their client progress from unconscious to conscious thinking; from reactive to responsive behavior; from confusion to living with clarity.

The program is systematized so that the wellness professional knows how to remove pain bodies, replace limited mind patterns with healthier ones, and teach the client how to build a new empowering story from a place of alignment. While the system runs up to twelve sessions, most clients feel relieved and helped within six to ten sessions, and do not feel the need to complete the program in its entirety.


What Will I Get Out of This Program?

If as a wellness professional, you are the directive type, and are looking for a program that is proactive, succinct, solutions-oriented, and resolves issues at the source, we look forward to helping you further develop your therapeutic skills, keep your own alignment,
and expand your practice.


What is the Structure of the Course?

TrueSelf Psychology Coaching
is an 18-week online program of ten modules which build on one another, accompanied by an online teaching platform, a manual, and regular exercises. Participants will also have access to individual and group supervision, and will be expected to take part in regular group discussions.

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