aug 22There is a common, yet powerful word so many people are reluctant to say. And that word is…


It’s just a composition of 5 small letters, but for some reason, it ends up in the back of people’s mind instead of at the tip of their tongue.

Why is it so difficult to apologize?

Because of a 3-letter word.


People often don’t apologize because of how this may appear to others. They’re stuck in the embarassment of maybe…just maybe… they were wrong.

You may look strong if you pretend to be right, but truthfully the fear of appearing wrong is a sign of weakness. You’re protecting an imagine more than being in your alignment and doing what you know is right.

You may also fear that your apology won’t be accepted and thus, your image will be tarnished even further. If that person is not ready to forgive, that doesn’t belong to you. You can’t control what the other person chooses to do; you only have control over what you do.

It’s important to recognize the value in apologizing. When you can admit fault, you’re bigger than your wrongdoing – you have more strength in your personal alignment than in your ego.

And the more you understand that apologizing is a powerful ability, the more it will feel good to do so – like a boulder has been taken off your shoulders.

So, always love your trueself, including the times you did wrong, and be brave to admit it,



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