After struggling with self-doubt, insecurities, and depression for several years, a client once asked me, “How can I have higher self-esteem?”

And my answer was simple, Be on your side.

Self-esteem is defined by ‘how much I like me?’ But to like yourself, you have to know yourself. 

Socrates said, “Know Thyself.” We say, “Know thy TrueSelf” – because when you stop putting yourself down, you actually discover how amazing you truly are.

There are two voices inside of you, not just one: your conscious and subconscious (conditioned) mind. When these two voices don’t get along, you live in a state of disharmony – you feel like you’re being torn apart and that the enemy lives within. 

And when they do get along, that’s when you feel centred, calm, whole… aligned

Your self-esteem rises the more your conscious and conditioned selves are aligned with each other. 

Self-esteem is the most important aspect of you because it’s how you see and feel about yourself which determines how you act in your everyday life. It’s the starting point from which all of your decisions and choices are made:

  • From a higher sense of self-esteem, you make healthier and wiser decisions that lead to greater benefits, which enable you to enjoy life more fully.
  • From a lower sense of self-esteem, you make decisions that match that lowered sense of self, which keeps you there.


    Like a mirror, your life reflects back how you feel about yourself.

    And here’s a good thing to know: You don’t have to love yourself just yet to feel good. When people try to love themselves when they’re not ready, it backfires because they end up thinking of all the reasons why they don’t. 

    But can you care about yourself? 

    And why wouldn’t you? You care about your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues, and your pets. There are plenty of people in your life you’re good to simply because you care about them, or you’re being a good person.

    The TrueSelf Psychology program is an alignment program, which helps your conditioned mind recenter with your TrueSelf. When you reconnect with who you really are:

    • You feel good in your own skin
    • You feel centered, purposeful, in the moment
    • You don’t need validation from others because you have your own
    • You know your own importance and self-worth
    • You vibrate a good energy that spreads to others, and makes them feel happy to be around you
    • Your relationships become healthier and easier
    • You set boundaries and saying no becomes comfortable
    • You never feel alone because you enjoy your own company
    • Your mind is creative and open to new adventures and possibilities, limitations disappear 
    • It becomes easier to focus and strive for what you want 
    • It becomes easier to notice and enjoy the little moments
    • You have more to give, more to share, and more to contribute


    Aligned with a higher esteem, you can deal with life concerns from an emotionally stronger place. You don’t take things so personally as you are detached from what others say, you don’t sweat the small stuff, and you’re able to face big challenges!

    People who have higher self-esteem don’t tend to suffer much from depression or anxiety because when you feel good about yourself, you think about what’s best for you, so you can make choices that best align with your purpose and dreams.

    Knowing how valuable it is to have a good self-esteem, to be aligned, isn’t it worth taking care of?

    You ready?

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