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Looking for couples therapy in Montreal or online
to help you resolve long standing issues…
and bring love back into your life?

One of the greatest feelings we can experience is that of being in love…
However, love can be elusive… even in relationships. 

In order to truly experience this magical bond, we must take care of not one but three relationships:

  • The one you have with yourself
  • The one your partner has with him/herself
  • The synergy created by the two of you

To be in a healthy couple, you and your partner must first care for yourselves so you can then each show up in your relationship as an emotionally balanced and ready person. The better you individually focus on your own personal alignment and emotional health, the stronger the connection will be.

Second, to build a strong foundation that will last, you and your partner need to know the rules of love. It is too often the case where two people come together wanting to share their affection but simply don’t know how to love, or how to contribute to creating a lasting bond.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a hard time communicating; as if you are each speaking a different language
  • There are lots of misunderstandings, confusions, and doubts
  • The same scenarios are being repeated over and over but you don’t see any change
  • One of you is giving the other the silent treatment
  • You want to trust them, but
  • You often ‘react’ to one another and blame each other for how you feel
  • One avoids conflict, the other always rehashes the past
  • You are not sure how to receive or ask for what you want or need
  • You feel you are investing more in the relationship than your partner is
  • You each love differently and don’t know how to get what you want
  • You are constantly attracting a person in need and it’s draining you to keep helping them
  • Your partner has issues that are difficult to bear
    (ex: drinking, overspending)
  • You want to leave a toxic relationship but don’t know how
  • You don’t know if you are better together… or apart

You wonder if you are still in love….


The TrueSelf Psychology™  system uses thought-modification techniques to figure out where the issues lie, and how to improve the dynamics at all three relationship levels. We will help you feel good about yourselves individually so you can be the better version of you, then learn how to treat each other with the reverence and dignity love requires to bring about lasting happiness.

TrueSelf Psychology

An Alignment Coaching Psychology
To Your Emotional Wellness 

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