Anxiety is a difficult emotion to bear. It’s mind crippling, can drag you down, and hold you back from pursuing a life you desire.

But unlike what many believe, anxiety doesn’t happen to you, it happens within you. You are the creator of your emotions, because your emotions come from your thoughts.

Understandably, what started your anxiety may have happened a long time ago. But what starts a problem and what continues it are not the same. And this is good to know because it means that today, you can take back control.

There are two voices inside of you, not just one: your conscious and subconscious (conditioned) mind. When these two voices don’t get along, you live in a state of disharmony – you feel torn apart and experience many painful emotions, one being anxiety. 

And when they do get along, you feel confident, secure… aligned.

Anxiety is a sign that your two selves are in conflict. And that you need to realign with your TrueSelf to release the tension and diminish the anxiety in your body.

When you are anxious, and feel…

  • Stuck in the same old rut
  • Nervous what others think
  • Constantly worried about finances, your career, and your children
  • Dread as you enter a room of strangers
  • Suppressed emotional or unable to say what you want
  • Frustrated because you can’t seem to get what you would like, no matter how hard you try

 … you are basically in a state of disalignment – that is, you are not at ease with yourself. 

Did you know that the emotion of anxiety is actually providing you with solutions?


  • Anxiety is actually your body’s way of telling you that how/what you’re currently thinking is going against who you are or what you want.
  • Anxiety comes about when you think about a worst case scenario that does not exist! It all happens in your imagination!
  • Anxiety occurs from suppressed emotions that need to be released. And, until you find that release, you will be prone to anxiety when feeling triggered.

To release anxiety, The
TrueSelf Psychology system uses: 

  • Thought-modification techniques to identify which Self-Opposing Mind Patterns (SOMPs) activate anxiety within you 
  • Conscious hypnosis exercise to release emotional buildup
  • Conscious practices to build healthy mind patterns that align with your TrueSelf

If you want to know which Self-Opposing Mind Patterns are causing your anxiety, download our free booklet Discover Which Of The 21 Self-Opposing Mind Patterns You Must Remove So You Stand In Your Power and Reach Your Dreams.

The more you align with your core, the less anxious you’ll feel, and the more a calm, centered self emerges. 

Our TrueSelf Psychology is a 6-8 session program that can help remove those SOMPs and assist you in building a positive relationship with yourself, your life and your future.

TrueSelf Psychology

An Alignment Coaching Psychology
To Your Emotional Wellness 

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