The Power of Self-Love

It’s so easy to say something nice about another person, but it’s so uncomfortable for many of us to say something nice about ourselves. And yet, the more you can say good things about yourself, the more you own your personal power.

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Love your trueself, 

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The Power of Self-Love video transcription

The Power of Self-Love

How does it feel to say something good about yourself? For some of us, it can feel pretty nice, but for many others, it feels foreign, weird, embarrassing, awkward, like we’re bragging… Who wants to say something good about themselves when it feels that bad!

Now what if I asked you to take it up a notch and share something good about yourself in the open public?

Would you do it?

Hi TrueSelfers, I’m Toni Rebic, creator of TrueSelf Psychology –

I want you to be in love with you.

The problem is – most people think that in order to self-love, you have to be vain. But the truth is Vanity is complete the opposite of Self-love. It’s a different vibration, a different experience altogether.

Other times, when I ask someone to say something nice about themselves, they’ll tell me what they are grateful for instead. That tells me they’re either not used to complimenting themselves or that they’re really uncomfortable or embarrassed to do so.

Gratitude is a wonderful skill to learn. Myself, I run monthly gratitude classes to elevate that grateful feeling in our lives. But, gratitude is not self-love. They are energetically related but they are different sides of the same coin. Gratitude and self-love are energetically related but different sides of the same coin.

Gratitude is recognizing what I receive – Like living in first world country, having freedom of speech, living in a war-free zone, having the opportunities and resources to educate yourself, having the proper system to obtain good health, and so on – it’s about what I am getting.

Self-appreciation, on the other hand, is recognizing who I am and what I have to give. It’s not about what you receive, but more about who you are as a person and being able to share yourself with the world at large. The more you recognize your qualities, your abilities, your attributes, talents, and learnt lessons, the more you can share these with everyone around you.


Imagine if everyone in the world loved themselves?

What kind of a world do you think this would be? When you think about it, all human issues do not come from a place of love, but from a place that lacks it.

It may seem paradoxical, but think about it – When you have financial issues, you seek help from someone who has money – not from someone who doesn’t. Or if you need advice, you are going to ask the person who has the experience to give it.

Basically, you go to the person who has the power to help you. Because that person has what you need – has the answer, the skills, the means to answer what you are looking for.

So the more you have, the more you can help.

Conversely, the more issues you have, the more problems you have to give. That’s because you are always from yourself. So if you really get this, isn’t it better to give from a place of love than from a place where there’s lack of it?

The more you self-love, the more selfless you become.

Mother Teresa was full of love and that is why she was able to spread all her love around the world. Martin Luther King was filled with peace and that’s why he was able to create more peace and harmony between races. Look at Trump – this guy loves himself! And think what you want of him – he still creates a following and puts his belief in himself into action.  [P]

So in honor of your self-appreciation and spreading your goodness with others, I started a Facebook page called TrueSelf Community. It is a place where I encourage you to share one good thought about yourself a day to Feel your inner love and share it with the world around.

Send me request to join the Trueself Community group, and let’s get self-loving!

Love your trueself, live a life of choice and spread your love…

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