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With Love & Gratitude
“I’m feeling more engaged in my life after taking this course. It was also great to meet other people who shared my thoughts and experiences-gave me good perspective”

This course was very enlightening as well as a reminder and reinforcement of qualities of a health emotional being to help us with envision where we want to be and why.

Ce que j’ai aimé le plus c’est ta façon ? de parler. J’ai beaucoup aprécié apprendre à écouter mon dialogue intérieur, apprendre également à te connaitre a mon vniveau d’énergie et celui des autres, je suis plus patiente envers moi et les autres aussi. Mon niveau de conscience est plus élèvé et j’ai plus de contrôle su ce que jivis et sur la direction de mes emotions.

“The course is dynamic and invokes a journey of introspection. You have an opportunity to share, learn and listen. Toni has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the working of the human mind and she knows how to effectively deliver this knowledge to an audience who is ready to receive it.”

“This course has made me take a good look at myself and at the work I need to do to manage my emotions. I feel empowered because I have the tools to take control of my life. I enjoyed the straight forwardness of the course. I find the things we learned were logical, and if applied, will give us a better quality of life. I realize that our life is our own, and we must take responsability of our emotions.”

I have been with my partner for 6 months and the past 2 weeks we have not ? at each other at all. Communication seems like a possibility now for us both. Her actions and behaviours are thought out and she is able to internalize the “trigger” before it happens. The atmosphere is rebuilding itself to be a safe and healthy place again. Her attitude and her change is fantastic to witness!

Que’est-ce que j’ai aimé le plus dans ce cours?

  • J’ai beaucoup aimé ce cours car il m’a parmis de prendre conscience de mes pensées negatives et du mal que cela peut me faire. Cela m’a donné des outils pour mieux gérer mes emotions.
  • J’ai beaucoup aimé également l’échange et l’intéraction entre les gens.

It’s a must if you really want to change the results that you experience in your life; wether in relationships with synidicant other ex co-workers. Eye opener with lots of aha moments. Teaches you how to think consiousely.

Life changing experience. Mon niveau de stress a chuté du jours au lendemain.

Le cours a réellement change ma perception des choses.

Excellent! Opened my mind. Exactly what I needed to clarified my thought.

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