Most people could not clearly define self-esteem if they were asked. The true definition of self esteem is measured by how much a person likes themselves. When people do not have strong self-esteem, they look to others to validate them. Which only keeps their self-esteem low. Self, is about ‘me’. Self-esteem, is ‘what I think of me.’

At the TrueSelf Center, we offer coaching psychology in Montreal that helps realign your self-esteem to who you truly are with our TrueSelf system. When we work with you, we work on your alignment and who you are as a person. We help to bring you back to your core (center) by a process of exercises to shift mind patterns and remove deep rooted pain bodies.

Self-esteem is a way we filter the world through our own personal lens. If we feel badly about ourselves, we tend to hide and isolate ourselves from the good stuff. If we feel great about ourselves, we show up in the world in a way that allows us to feel seen, heard and valued.

So you can see how self-esteem is very important to the choices you make in your life. It is equally important to feel good about yourself because, when you have low self-esteem, you will experience more negative emotions. Some people who suffer with low self-esteem, also have symptoms of depression and anxiety as well. These can be difficult to manage on your own and it would be recommended to work with one of our TrueSelf team members. On staff, we have psychologists in Montreal, as well as coaches and psychotherapists in Montreal.

If you’re waiting for your first appointment with one of our Alignment Specialists, here are some tools that can help you manage in the meantime.

Meditate. Learning to hear your inner dialogue is key to gaining insight on who you are and what can you bring out in the world[1] [2] . Listening to all the noise can be overwhelming but in learning to observe your thoughts with detachment, you can allow them to pass through you. And then let them go.

Journal what you like about yourself. Write down what you do well. Even the smallest wins. Learn to be on your own side. Often, when we feel disconnected from ourselves, we allow our fears, our own judgments to get the best of us but we need to remind ourselves of the good things we do as well, even if they may seem small at the time.

These are small, helpful tools that can make a world of a difference, if done consistently over time. However, we also know that in situations where we feel like we can’t help ourselves, it is best to seek out a professional and a wellness expert in this field. The TrueSelf Center offers individual, couple, family, and group therapy in Montreal[3] [4]  to help you effectively address personal, relationship, and professional challenges. Contact us today so we can work together to rebuild your self-esteem. To make an appointment call (514) 933-2289.

If you are interested in coming to one of our fabulous TrueSelf retreats or sign up for our online courses, call the main office line (514) 933-2289 or to learn more, click here:

Looking forward to working with you!

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