Portrait of a sports woman waiting for the start signal for runDreams are meant to come true. But most people don’t achieve what they want because they have trouble seeing their goals manifest. They focus more on not attaining it and get stuck in the quicksand of excuses, doubts and insecurities.

The more you find reasons and justifications not to move towards your goals, the more they move further away from becoming reality. It’s like saying, Yes I want it, but I don’t believe I can have it, or Yes, I want it, but it’s a lot of work and effort to get it.

Many people actually focus more on the effort needed to achieve something than the actual attainment of it. They focus on the hurdles rather than the rewards.

To attain any objective, you first need clarity of what it is.

And second, you have to think more about having it, acquiring it, and achieving it, than not. Replace any of your excuses with solutions, and what’s getting in the way with bridges on how to get there.

There are 2 sides to wanting something. The first is thinking about getting it, and the second is thinking about not having it. So, the reason you don’t have something can be the same as the one stopping you from achieving it.

Follow your dreams, not your excuses.

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