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What happens when you try to think positively?

Too often, negative thoughts soon creep back in and the battle between positive and negative thoughts is on! The tension even makes believing in those positive thoughts hard to do. It feels like we are forcing ourselves to think of something we don’t believe in. And we tend to resist what doesn’t feel real. 

So, why is positive thinking so hard to do?

Well basically, thinking positively is difficult when you’re so used to the negative voice in your head. The negative has been there longer and has been more practiced – the strength of which is tearing the positive voice down. This is why it feels like a struggle. You want to be positive and think,“Today I’m going to go out for a run”, but your negative, dominant thoughts lash out and add “Ugh, but I’m too tired.” “You can do it”, says the positive voice but “No, you can’t”, rebukes the negative. The negative pulls you down because it’s the most practiced dialogue in your head. 

Then, what should you do?

The more effective strategy to win the struggle against a negative voice is to fight it with good thoughts, not positive ones. What’s the difference? Good thoughts are enjoyable and have no resistance in them. Try it out. What makes you feel good? Think of thoughts you enjoy…. I like my girlfriend. I like the way he smiles at me. I like the way the sun is shining today. I like this pretty dress in the store window. I like when I buy myself a new pair of shoes. I love when my kids hug me…

When you think of things you like – a smile, warm weather, a drive up the mountains, an upcoming vacation – it feels good, there’s no resistance because these connect with you – they feel real. And the good feeling is summoned almost immediately. The irony is that good thoughts are also positive. So instead of thinking positive thoughts you may not believe in, think good thoughts of what you like and you will feel positive. 

Be true to yourself, live a life of choice, and practice good thinking,


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