Power of Gratitude

Seasonal Workshops

Join us in our Power of Gratitude Workshops where we invite you to let go,
cleanse your soul, and fill your energy with appreciation and gratitude for all
the beautiful joys in your life. 
Meet like-minded individuals who share
and elevate in this powerful life force

Gratitude lifts our spirits, strengthens our resolve, heals our wounds,
makes us stronger, keeps us centered and builds healthy relationships  


Seasonal Gratitude Workshops- Tuesday July 2nd

TrueSelf Center

460 Ste-Catherine West, #908
10$- refreshments included

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Gratitude Rejuvenation Meeting

July 21, 2015 Photo Gallery

Grand Opening at Our New Location

Lakeshore Leopards Gratitude Video, raised $1700 for minor hockey at our Power of Gratitude Event.

Thank You!!

Toni Rebic, Psychologist

How It All Started…

Two years ago I introduced a class called ‘An Evening of Gratitude’ and it was a huge success in helping participants transform their lives.

Weeks later, I continued to receive e-mails and texts from attendees who felt the vibration still resonating within. All profits from that evening helped raise funds in support cancer research and World Vision International.

I decided to make this a monthly (now seasonal) event, because just like for a muscle, you need to constantly exercise in order to improve strength, stamina, health and quality of life.  The same holds true for your mental and spiritual “muscle”.


 Why Practice Gratitude

 There is much research that supports the understanding that people who are more grateful experience a higher level of well-being:


“Grateful people are happier, less depressed, less stressed
and more satisfied
with their lives and social relationships.  


For depression, gratitude may serve as a buffer
by enhancing the coding and retrievability of positive experiences. 


Grateful people also have higher levels of control of their environments,
personal growth, purpose in life, and self-acceptance

(Source: Wikipedia) 


Did you also know that people who are grateful are also more resilient in overcoming difficulties? They are more likely to seek support when needed and are more apt to learn the lessons from difficult experiences. They are more dedicated to finding problem-solving strategies and implementing solutions for resolution.



The Ongoing Practice of the Power of Gratitude


Most of us know we are lucky. Most of us know we live in a country of abundance, of chances and opportunity.

 But knowing is not experiencing.

  We get caught up in our day-to-day stresses and react to old conditioning and while we know we are fortunate, it is not always experienced that way.


This is why it is important to practice gratitude. It is a cultivation of spirit in the recognition of what you have while attracting more of what you want.


Gratitude is the gateway
through which your vision of your world expands
as you let go of resistances and allow in all the richness
of living a satisfying and fulfilling life


So come enjoy an evening with like-minded individuals looking to make a greater difference in their lives and in the lives of those around them, all the while supporting a worthy cause.


Reserve your seating and bring along family and friends;
It’s going to be so much fun!!


Gratefully, Toni 

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