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A systematic approach to healing and aligning with your TrueSelf

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Psychologist Toni Rebic, M.A.

Psychology Services

Heal, grow and align with your TrueSelf
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Tailored workshops to help in all facets
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Power of Gratitude

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 Coaching Psychology

Psychologist in Montreal Toni Rebic, M.A. Founder of the Rebic Centre
and Creator of TrueSelf Psychology


The Rebic Center, Inc. offers psychology services to individuals, couples and families with a coaching approach.
It applies a progressive system named TrueSelf Psychology
to effect healing and development in clients ready to take the leap and make the change.
We also offer TrueSelf life classes and Gratitude Workshops to empower participants in principles of behavioural change
and how their minds work in order to help them surpass their personal and professional challenges.

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Reflective readings and blogs to guide you to your TrueSelf
  by Psychologist Toni Rebic, M.A.

Struggling? Here’s how to reduce or eliminate your pain

Have you experience pain? Of course you have! Everyone has - whether it be emotional, physical, or psychological. He broke up with me. She lied to me and betrayed me. I sprained my ankle and can barely walk. And, although there are different ways people can respond to...

How to cherish the people we leave behind

A few years ago, my son lost his friend from pre-K, since he moved back to the United States. He was heartbroken and devastated like many other kids would have been. How often does the kid inside of you mourn the people who leave you? Yet, letting go is such an...

What gratitude can do for you

“Grateful” … is a word often thrown around in a sentence, but it’s effectiveness is not always well understood. Gratitude is not just a recognition of what we receive - it’s an energy of knowing your higher power. One essential reason to practice gratitude is that it...

Only Two Words Can Stand in Your Way

Only Two Words Can Stand in Your Way Welcome everyone,  In this week's video, learn what two words stop your dreams from coming true. You must remove these if you want to make things happen for you. Please forward the video to anyone you know who needs to remove these...

Can People Really Change?

Can People Really Change? Hello everyone,  It's always been impressive to me how often people say we can't change - that we are who we are and that's it.  Well, what do you think? Can people really change?  Listen to this week's video and find out if people can...

Two Steps to Remove a Mistake

Hello Trueselfers!  How does it feel to kick yourself for making a mistake? Not very good, right? Mainly because as you are berating yourself you get stuck in that negative constrictive energy that stops you from moving on. This week, learn what two steps you can take...

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