Cropped image of a man with curly hair looking up at copyspace over gray backgroundMost people believe that whatever or whoever we think about is what causes our feelings. Just the thought of him makes me angry. When I think about her, I feel so much hurt. Whenever I picture their faces, I get so frustrated. Just thinking about it stresses me out!

However, the subject of your thoughts is not the cause of your emotions. It’s the way you think about the subject that creates the way you feel. Basically, your interpretation and belief of what you’re thinking about makes you feel either good or bad.

For instance, if you repeatedly have negative thoughts about the financial situation in your life, then your attitude towards money will make you feel depressed or stressed. If you think you’ll never lose the weight you want, then your perception of your body will make you feel sad, disgusted or unattractive. After a breakup, if you think it’s the end of the world, then you will feel lonely and unmotivated to find somebody else.

Negative thinking patterns will bring you to a lower emotional level and cause you to constantly ask yourself: Why does this happen to me? Why am I constantly feeling this way?

The answer lies in shifting your mindset to thinking of better outcomes – you can feel good about any subject by shining a brighter light onto it. So instead of thinking about your financial aim as unattainable, think of it as a goal that will soon be obtained with more focused effort; instead of thinking of a break-up as the end of the world, tell yourself a more fitting partner is already coming along, making his or her way into your life. You left the old for a better new. 

Be self-involved, self-protective and self-interested – start asking yourself the right questions to get to the right thinking: What are the pros of my situation? How is what I am doing allowing me to expand into a better future? What can give me good experiences? 

You will soon notice that, no matter who or what you think about, you will feel good because you’re guiding your thoughts to a better direction. 

Love your trueself, and choose thoughts that feel better to pull you out of a dire situation,


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