blog july 11 2016How are you viewing the world around you? Your life? Today?

Are you seeing the people, circumstances and conditions through the best lens you can think of? One that serves and empowers you, or through one that lets you feeling disempowered?

By now you know that your thoughts create your feelings. The problem is we are so conditioned to react rather than choose our thoughts. It still remains, however, that it is your thoughts and how you use them to perceive the world around you that create your feelings in the moment you think them.  That means you need to make sure your perception comes through a lens that bring you good feelings and not negative ones. 

So, if something or someone bothers you, makes you upset, anxious, or sad…try to think about it in a way that moves you away from negative emotions towards ones that feel better, easier and more aligned with what you want to feel.

You might be thinking, “But, what if I can’t think differently about what bothers me? I’m stuck!”

No. You’re not. You are just used to the perception you’ve trained yourself into.

See, our reality is not fixed. It is based from a continued perception which gives the illusion of reality. Haven’t you ever changed your mind – changed your perception – about something, and went from feeling bad to feeling good about it? Likely the situation didn’t change, but because your perception of it did, so did your feelings about it.  This means we have control over our emotions as long as we are in control of our perception.

So to feel better, you need to watch how you think – as thoughts have more power over your emotions than whatever is the subject of your thinking. 

Be on your side. Think the better version of you are thinking of. 

Love trueself,


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