blog july 18
Have you ever had your heart broken from a struggling or failed relationship? Once? Twice?

When you feel as though your heart has been shattered in millions of pieces, it is easy to conclude that love is pain – love hurts. You infer that love and passion cannot exist in the same relationship and that you shouldn’t give your heart away completely or you’ll get disappointment. Basically, love sucks.

But does love really hurt?

It may seem that love is the cause of a lot of your pains and heartbreaks, but the truth is that love has never hurt you and never can.

Love is a powerful emotion that brings out the best in us and elevates our spirits… how else can we explain our search and desire for it?

So if love doesn’t hurt, then what is causing the pain in our relationships?

It’s whatever takes love away: Broken promises, unmet needs, misunderstandings, lies, deception, betrayal, selfishness…

So if ever you’ve been hurt, don’t blame love for your pain because if you do, you’re going to fear it and push it away when it tries to come back again, causing you continued pain.

Love is the antidote of pain and heals all wounds – it makes you trust again, makes you believe in the wonders of connection again and in the possibilities that anything you want can happen.

So be true to your heart and spread your love,



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