How To Get What You WantWhat do you want? A particular job? A healthy relationship? To lose weight?

You can know what you want but, are you aligned with it?

What does that even mean?

To get what you want, you need to be in the energy of feeling good about it. You need to think good thoughts about what you want, and not negative ones

So often I hear people associate bad feelings to having what they want, not realizing that this is the reason they are not achieving their objective!

I want to that job position, but so many other people more qualified than I am! I want to ask her out, but she’s too good for me! I want to loose weight but I can’t stick to a diet program – I have no willpower!

If you approach your desire with negative feelings such as fear, guilt, anger, discouragement, or disappointment, you’ll find that you won’t have the energy, nor the belief, to actually fulfill your desire.

When you want to create something in your life, you need to come to it with good, energetic feelings…like enthusiasm, passion, craving, or some other form of feel-good emotion.

Good feelings help you align with achieving what you want because it allows you to believe you can have it! I will get that job position because I can do better than others! I’m going to ask her out – maybe she’ll say yes! With my motivation, I can shed the extra weight!

Now – do you see how supplying your goals with good feelings increases your chances of accomplishing them?

Love your trueself and channel those good feelings into alignment with what you want. Then you will have the energy and motivation to go after it. 


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