How To Eliminate Pain!Have you experience pain? Of course you have! Everyone has – whether it be emotional, physical, or psychological. He broke up with me. She lied to me and betrayed me. I sprained my ankle and can barely walk.

And, although there are different ways people can respond to the pain they feel, there is one way that can actually help diminish it quite readily.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel pain, you tend to focus on it? That’s like putting a magnifying glass over your pain. What you focus on tends to get bigger and becomes what you experience. You criticize your pain when you are in the midst of trying to heal – How could he break my heart? How could she lie to me like that? Why won’t my ankle heal faster?!

Getting frustrate or upset over an injury will not make it heal faster. Likewise, lamenting over a heartbreak will not mend your heart any quicker. To the contrary. There is a Universal Law that states that “Whatever you focus on expands”. Bearing that in mind, would you want to continue focusing on your pain and feel it grow?

So if the UL says that what you focus on gets bigger, then the logical step would be to… Shift your attention to what feels better. Not always easy when your heart is hurting or leg is throabing, I know, but this is the skill to develop.  Focusing on things that feel good to you creates better feelings – even if there is pain, your body is trying to use its biological mechanisms – hormones and neurotransmitters – to actually override and even eliminate that pain.

This is what pain management is all about. It is based on the mind-body connection. Your mind is inhabiting your body and thus, they both influence each other. So, to manage a painful experience, you must use a gentle mindset to guide your body’s chemistry to heal. This is not to avoid dealing with the cause of the pain – of course, you need to resolve what is hurting you. But it’s a way to manage it while you do. 

Love your trueself and remember to be kind to yourself in times of pain. It will make you feel better that you do. 


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