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TrueSelf Psychology

A systematic approach to healing and aligning with your TrueSelf

Psychology Services

Psychologist Toni Rebic, M.A.

Hey TrueSelfers 🦋,

It’s time to get ready to show up whole and create a healthy, fun-loving, lasting relationship!  It’s ‘not true’ that 50% of couples break up… That’s just the divorce rate!  The actual breakup rate of relationships prior to marriage is significantly much higher! At least 80-90%!! Yikes!!

What does this mean?

So sign up for the 6-week Power Of Us Masterclass starting February 18th. The 6-class power pack masterclass will teach what you haven’t been told about relationships, and it’s about time you know the real rules of love to make it meaningful, deep, and lasting….

It’s time to feel better in your love life!

The Better You Feel The Better Life Gets… 

So the better you love, the healthier your love life! Click on the link to learn more and to sign up!

We’ll be seeing you in class!

Psychology Services

Heal, grow and align
with your TrueSelf

Call and book your appointment today!

Workshops & Events

Tailored workshops
to help in all facets of your life,
and events to excite the mind & body

TrueSelf Supervision

Did you know we also offer
individual and group supervision,
plus TrueSelf Psychology Training?

Seasonal Gratitude

Join our seasonal gratitude workshops and experience the joy of gratitude
in your life!

Toni's on Youtube

Check out Toni’s videos
and insightful comments,
plus our regular blogs

TrueSelf Performance

Ever wonder how you can apply
sports analogies and coaching
to your everyday life? Check it out!

 Coaching Psychology

Psychologist in Montreal Toni Rebic, M.A. Founder of The TrueSelf Centre
and Creator of TrueSelf Psychology


TrueSelf Center offers psychology services to individuals, couples and families with a coaching approach
and is conveniently located in downtown Montreal

It applies a progressive system named TrueSelf Psychology
to effect healing and development in clients ready to take the leap and make the change

We also offer TrueSelf life classes and Gratitude Workshops to empower participants in principles of behavioural change
and how their minds work in order to help them surpass their personal and professional challenges.

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Reflective readings and blogs to guide you to your TrueSelf
  by Psychologist Toni Rebic, M.A.

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Downtown location for Trueself Psychology

The entrance is on Ste-Catherine Street W.,
above Second Cup

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