Teen sad girl

Teen sad girl

One of the hardest things we have to go through is creating ease in letting go.


Because most of us have this resistant in doing so and this resistance can be due to 2 reasons.

The first reason might be that there is something about the relationship that you still want or crave. In this case, it might be the simple fact that you invested a lot of your time with this person or in their life.

The second reason might be that you’re too afraid of what lies after letting go. Is the aftermath even worth leaving a relationship that you’re so accustomed and comfortable having?

So, how do you get rid of this resistance and let go?

Change your definition of letting go to something more opportunistic.

Letting go is the act of accepting that something out there is better suited for your well-being. In other words, if the Universe is pushing you to let go that means that hanging on is more painful. The Universe is subtly calling you to remove the source of your discomfort and suffering.

Answer the call by developing the faith that something better in your future awaits you.

By viewing it this way, letting go becomes more of a relief; it eliminates your fear and opens your mind to new opportunities.

So, allow yourself to open the door to something better, something the person you are with now is not providing. And allow what is coming to you without resisting it.



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