blog-sept-26Do you have a dream?

A desirable life goal you would love to attain?

Most people do. And most people prevent themselves from continuing to dream, in fear that they’ll waste their time and expectations

Basically, they don’t allow themselves to dream, but instead, allow themselves to have nightmares – to live a life they’re not happy with, doing things they rather not be doing or being with someone they don’t want to.

All because of their negative thought processes projecting out this fear and holding them back.

Having negative thoughts and feelings about the future will also manifest them in the present. As a result, you will not have the motivation now to get what you want later, in a healthy and productive way.

However, if you think about the future in a way that prioritizes what you want, you will not only get yourself dreaming, but also achieving those dreams.

For instance, if you believe that the job you’ve always wanted is waiting for you, then you will be motivated to pursue your university degree and eventually, get that a job interview. If you believe that the right man is out there for you, then you’ll have the energy to pamper yourself, dress nicely and go out.

Having good thinking patterns for your future is the fuel that puts the action into what you have to do today in order to create your next chapter.

With this in mind, learn to feel good in this exact moment because the energy you have right now is creating your future.Toni


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