We all want people to like us, to love us. It feels good to be accepted, wanted and admired.

The problem is not wanting to be liked; it’s wanting others to like us more than we like ourselves.

Too often I see people pleasing others at the expense of what they think of themselves. They tell people what they want to hear just to be liked, to avoid conflict, to be admired, to be seen as a good person, when all the while they are burning a whole in their stomach from withholding how they really feel, what they truly think and what they really want to say.

Pleasing others more than pleasing yourself may make them like you but does it really make you feel good about yourself?

How often have you wished you said something but held back, wanting to express your feelings but shoved them down instead? How often have you calculated your words because you feared what others would think if you expressed your true thoughts? … All just to be liked, not to cause waves, to avoid creating conflict while your inner turmoil rages within…

You can be liked, loved, and even admired by others, but if you don’t feel about yourself as they do you won’t be able to sustain the feeling anyway, because deep down you’ll know that who they approve of is not the real you.

So make sure you like who you are first. If you like who you are, what others say won’t matter all that much anyway. Either you make others’ people opinion matter most and you will always be at the mercy of their approval, or you make your own self-approval matter most and you are free just to be… 


Love your TrueSelf,

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