Lately, anxiety in Montreal has become a hot topic that many people are facing. It’s one of the top mental health subjects that people seek therapy and counseling for. At the TrueSelf Center, we offer coaching psychology with an emphasis on techniques on how to mindfully resolve anxiety because we truly believe that the better you feel, the better life gets.

The truth is, anxiety is something that has always been prevalent but now, as more people are opening up about their struggles, others are becoming inclined to share what they’re going through as well.

So what is anxiety and how can we learn to manage it? Our TrueSelf Psychology approach emphasizes on reprogramming and shifting these mental patterns so you can get unstuck from them.

At the TrueSelf Center, we take the time to explain what anxiety actually is: a split energy. It is not what happens to you; it happens within you. You are, in fact, creating the anxiety. Anxiety is actually you creating anxious thoughts, which then creates nervousness within you. Anxiety happens when you are not in control of your thoughts and your mind is filled with fear.

There are many different forms of anxiety: social anxiety, generalized anxiety, relationship anxiety and even performance anxiety. The conditions may vary, but the source is the same…. anxiety is a build-up of worry-filled thoughts.

Take performance anxiety as an example.

Performance anxiety is a desire to get things done but with an impending sense of dread of how it will turn out. It then manifests itself into many forms: avoidance, isolation, lack of self-care, procrastination, and even bordering on obsession. So in knowing what it is, how can we better deal with it?

The best way to deal with anxiety is to not let it build up to begin with. It is tension created in the mind over time. But if you’re already in the mists of a full anxiety blowout, here are some short-term helpful exercises for calming you down:

Start with belly breathing. Many people have a tendency to breathe from their chest, which shifts the body into fight or flight mode. Focus instead on breathing from your belly. This activates the unwinding part of your system, known as the parasympathetic nervous system, to allow calmness to move through you, and to create more air flow in the body.

Find a place to sit and take a few minutes to meditate. All of those anxious thoughts filling your mind can be slowed down if you focus your thoughts are things that feel lighter, and easier for you to think about. Like your children, a pet animal, a hobby you like to engage in. Getting into the habit of meditating 10 to 15 minutes a day can calm down an anxious mind over time.

Exercise is also another solution. When you’re feeling anxious, instead of going home to watch tv, go to a yoga class instead! Not only will you get a great workout in but your body will have a chance to move and shift focus!

Anxiety is something we create within us and it’s something we can resolve as well! Try a few of these tips to relieve your anxious mind. But these are not permanent solutions. Best is to seek guidance from someone who can help you master your thoughts so you can choose healthier uplifting ones more naturally.

Our TrueSelf program is specifically designed to get rid of those negative mind patterns and help you realign with your TrueSelf.

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