Close-up of smiling female enjoying smell of flowers

“Grateful” … is a word often thrown around in a sentence, but it’s effectiveness is not always well understood.

Gratitude is not just a recognition of what we receive – it’s an energy of knowing your higher power.

One essential reason to practice gratitude is that it creates a buffer and protects you from what you may otherwise perceived as negative. The energy of gratitude prevents you from being pulled out of your centeredness and helps you see the world from a healthy perspective. When you truly feel the energy of all you are grateful for, daily challenges can barely affect you, and you will see opportunities where otherwise you would have seen problems.

So, rather than trying to fix outward problems (often not in your control), work on strengthening your center instead, by the daily practice of gratitude. From your center, you will better know how to handle any problems, challenges or obstacles that come your way. In fact, from the higher vibration of gratitude, problems will turn into opportunities to expand and grow from.

Gratitude shifts your perspective from low level problems to high level opportunities.

Love your trueself and remember, harness the power of being grateful for what you already have – and see how life will presents to you more opportunities than problems.


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