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Toni Rebic, M.A. Psychologist

The TrueSelf Psychology™ system was created with you in mind. Having worked at a deep level with thousands of clients since 2005, I built a program that helps you realign with your core being within a short-term therapy coaching style. You don’t need to suffer. There are ways to heal and feel better. 

All persons working at the TrueSelf Center have been trained in the TSP to provide the best care for your emotional wellness journey.

Come meet the TrueSelf team…

Leila Sarhadi, MA, CCPA, CCC, Counselor

I am always fascinated by the human mind, body and spirit and how we can increase our sense of aliveness by balancing those. I have a holistic approach and my goal is to offer you a safe and compassionate environment in which you can explore yourself and different parts of your being for building resilience and increasing your well-being.

I believe that the whole mission of therapy is to give you access to feeling alive, which is a feeling of joy, curiosity, exploration, collaboration, engagement, etc.

Leila is skilled at working with individuals, couples, families and youth, drawing on Mindfulness, Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Emotional Focused therapy. She has a multisystemic and eclectic approach to assisting individuals find balance in their lives. She also does career counseling. 

Professional Associations: Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)

Languages: English, French, Persian (Farsi)

Blanche Moskovici, M.A.,
Creative Arts Therapies, Psychotherapist

In life I have learned that I carry myself with me wherever I go and that growth and change is possible at any age. My goal in therapy is to invite you to become the conscious catalyst of your own healing process, so that you can experience relationships from a stance of being true to who you are. Together we will co-create a secure space that will allow you to blossom, effect positive change in your life, and achieve your desired therapeutic goals.

Warm and inviting, Blanche encourages her clients to engage with their lived experience in an authentic manner, while offering them an opportunity to be true to who they are in this moment. Her approach fuses together Humanistic-Existential, Psychodynamic and Awareness-Based Practices, e.g. Mindfulness, with a strong emphasis on self-care. 

Since 1996, Blanche has worked with a diverse adult clientele, in addition to counseling caregivers of a loved one suffering from mental illness. She specializes in working with individuals who feel stuck and desire a change. This stuckness can manifest as anxiety, depression, stress, loss, relationship discord, accidents, etc. To get at the root of such matters, Blanche guides her clients into a process of self-discovery.

Professional Associations: Quebec Art Therapists’ Association (AATQ), Association des psychothérapeutes du Québec (APQ), Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative (RITMA) and Psychotherapist permit holder with the Quebec Order of Psychologists (OPQ).

Languages: English and French

Cheryl Allene
TrueSelf Psychology
Alignment Coach

In 2014, I became an avid student of the TrueSelf Psychology system and every workshop deepened my interest and fostered my desire to learn more about Toni Rebic’s revolutionary coaching method. The ability to identify the root cause of a problem, remove the pain it creates, and begin the healing process has transformed my life – so much so, that I came to realize that my journey was to become a TrueSelf Psychology Alignment Coach, to share this knowledge and help to transform the lives of others. We are meant to be happy within ourselves. I’m ready to guide you on your pathway to your TrueSelf.

Attentive and always empathetic, Cheryl creates a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment – free of judgment – in which her clients feel empowered to understand their unique qualities and embrace their TrueSelf. Her comforting approach provides encouragement and reassurance for anyone beginning a journey to discover their power.


TrueSelf Psychology

An Alignment Coaching Psychology
To Your Emotional Wellness 

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