Are you suffering from anxiety in Montreal?

Feeling anxious or holding down your emotions?

Montreal TrueSelf Psychology can help de-stress you,
alleviate your tensions and get you feeling aligned, secure and centered

Anxiety is a difficult emotion to bear. It can drag you down and hold you back from seeking what you wish for in life

Do you feel you are:

  • Stuck in the same old rut?
  • Fearing what others think?
  • Constantly worrying about finances, your career, and your children?
  • Filled with dread as you enter a room of strangers?
  • Suppressing your emotions or unable to say what you want?
  • Not getting what you would like, no matter how hard you try?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, you are likely suffering from some level of anxiety.

There are
three main forms of anxiety:

  • Situational
  • General
  • Social



You don’t need to accept this,
or continue to live under this shadow
of worry and uncertainty

All can be helped, healed or managed!


In fact, your anxiety is providing you with the solution!

It is your body’s way of telling you to pay attention to a fear, a want, a need. Anxiety tends to build up from holding down negative emotions that seek to be released.

The TrueSelf PsychologyTM system uses thought-modification techniques to identify and address these needs/wants/fears to alleviate them through self-expression.

The more your anxiety subsides within, the more you will feel your calm, centered self emerging- – it’s going to feel really good to be in your skin.

The next step is then to fulfill those needs/wants so you can move forward – no longer will any feelings of tension and uncertainty hold you back!


Aligned with your center,
you can now progress with a feeling of inner calm
and make healthy choices to bring your desired life to you.

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Not in Montreal? We can Skype!

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