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Randy Pinsky
Assistant Writer & Office Manager


To set up your appointment, answer your questions, or make any changes,
Randy is ready to assist with a genuine smile. Bringing in a diverse skillset from a background in thinktanks and non-governmental organizations, Randy is personable and dedicated to providing clients with a friendly and feel good experience. 

(514) 933-2289


The Rebic Centre has two downtown locations, conveniently located downtown Montreal. Best transportation method is to use public transportation (Metro PEEL and Metro McGill). Street parking is available, however keep in mind that special events, such as hockey games or concerts restrict movement in the downtown core.

Workshop and Events

Psychology Sessions and Head Office

Downtown Location for Therapy Services

The Rebic Center
1168 Ste-Catherine W.,
Suite 201

Montreal, Quebec

Downtown Location for Workshops and Events

TrueSelf Center
460 Ste-Catherine W.,
Suite 908

Montreal, Quebec


(514) 933-2289

          You can also email us at

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