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Dema Hussain, Counsellor

Calm and reassuring, Dema is a great listener, allowing clients to immediately feel at ease in discussing issues. With a background in identity issues and crisis management, she engages in an open, non-judgmental, and collaborative approach with individuals to help them reach their full potential.

Her approach is an integrative one (person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, feminist, multicultural) guided by the goal of helping individuals find solutions and attain meaningful lives. An active individual, Dema loves travelling and has backpacked across Europe.


Dema specializes in career counseling, career exploration and assessments, transitions and change, anxiety, depression and crisis management

I have always been fascinated by psychology, how the brain works, and what underlies human behavior and motivations. Though I started my career as a psychology researcher, I felt drawn to applying my knowledge towards helping individuals deepen their self-understanding, fulfill their aspirations and goals, and heal their pain. I find that aiding people in need and helping individuals work on self-development has always been, and continues to be, fulfilling and meaningful.

In terms of my therapeutic approach, I employ an integrative approach (person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, feminist, multicultural) with the primary goal of helping individuals find solutions and attain meaningful goals. I believe in engaging in an open, non-judgmental, collaborative approach with individuals to help them reach their full potential.

Awards: Doctoral Award of Excellence

             NSERC PGS-D research grant


Hussain, D. & Montreuil, T.C. (forthcoming). “The application of cognitive-behavioural therapy to target career- and job-seeking anxiety in career counselling”.

Hussain, D. et al. (2016). “Modulation of spatial and response strategies by phase of the menstrual cycle in women tested in a virtual navigation task”. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 70, 108-117

Associates’ Bios

Francesca Lungescu, Psychologist and Coach Montreal

Francesca has an eye for talent and skills development. Her background and expertise in coaching, career counselling and psychotherapy in Montreal allows her to help her clients discover 
their true passion and purpose. They will leave equipped to adopt the best strategies for reaching their calling.

A multi-lingual professional, Francesca counsels in French, English, Spanish and Rumanian. Her empathetic nature and astute perception mixed with sharp analytical skills allow her to provide beneficial support to her clients.

Her strength-based, results-oriented and therapeutic approach is geared towards practical solutions. It is customized and aims at allowing a partnership with her clients.

Services offered

  • Coaching, skills development, training
  • Career counselling, vocational guidance, job search
  • Psychotherapy in anxiety management, burn-out, self-esteem development, interpersonal relations management


Francesca specializes in work psychology, career coaching and exploration, leadership training, burnout, and self-esteem. Her strength-based and results-oriented coaching and therapeutic approach is geared towards practical solutions. It is customized and aims at allowing a partnership with her clients.

I work as a psychologist because I love to help people understand themselves better, identify their strengths, evolve out of difficult situations, reach their goals and build a happier life. My clients have often told me I have good listening, communication, and interpersonal skills in my professional and personal life and am effective at helping them reach their goals. They feel I give them good insights, that I helped them understand themselves better, and they feel good talking with me. They also greatly appreciate and benefit from my positive and results-oriented coaching and psychotherapy approach. I enjoy developing and giving Trainings on Emotional Intelligence, Professional Networking and Career management.

I feel fulfilled when I am able to guide someone to find what they are meant to do. What a reward to assist those who feel lost, have lost the passion for their work, needed a new direction, experienced burnout or inter-work tensions!

I view each client in a holistic manner and utilize an eclectic approach in psychotherapy based on Work and Positive psychology, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Solution focused brief therapy, Humanistic therapy, Mindfulness approach, Acceptance and commitment therapy. I also offer Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching where I assist you find the answers through posing the right questions, and focusing on achievements and strengths.  


Lungescu, F., Lapointe, D., Roy, F. & Savoie, A. (2015). “Les caractéristiques personnelles du consultant associées à l’efficacité en consultation”, Revue Psychologie du travail et des organisations


Lungescu, F., Roy, F. & Savoie, A. (2013). “When the psychologist becomes an effective consultant.” (“Quand le psychologue devient un consultant efficace”). Psychologie Québec Review, vol. 30, no. 05.

Lungescu, F., Roy, F. & Savoie, A. (2012). “Les caractéristiques personnelles du consultant associées à son efficacité: Résultats de recherche”. Communication orale au 17e Congrès de l’Association internationale de psychologie de langue française (AIPTLF), à l’École Centrale de Lyon, France.


Carrie Foster, Couple and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist, Drama therapist (Certified Canadian Counsellor)

Carrie is a relatable, no-nonsense and very personable Montreal psychotherapist and drama therapist. Clients immediately click with her! With over thirty years of experience in the field, Carrie has seen it all and is effective at addressing personal and relationship challenges. She works with couples, individuals and youth and strongly believes that seeking assistance is the best means for having a meaningful and fulfilling journey through life.

Carrie currently specializes in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. She integrates psychodynamic, narrative and action-based approaches for individuals and families to address relationship distress, depression, anxiety, trauma and LGBTQ issues. Carrie has a special interest in helping couples navigate sexual intimacy issues.



Carrie specializes in couples and family therapy,  behavioral issues, anxiety, relationships, trauma, and sexuality

I am amazed by the resilience of my clients. Their dedication to keeping themselves, their partners and families afloat in the midst of trying times motivated me to be there and provide the support they need to get to sunnier shores.

I have been working in mental health care for over 40 years. It’s a passion to see people reach new levels of self-fulfillment. Throughout my life and career, I have used the arts,starting in community theatre with my family when I was 10. The work that happens on the creative process is the work that happens in the therapeutic setting –it’s quite magic.

There is something special about all of us. I like to see people come into their own; to move forward in  ways they hadn’t thought possible. Self empowerment, understanding and acceptance are key to my work.


Leila Sarhadi, MA, CCPA, CCC, Counselor


Services Offered: Individual, Couples, Youth, and Family


Open and welcoming, Leila is skilled at working with individuals, couples, families and youth drawing on Mindfulness, Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Emotional Focused therapy. She has a multisystemic, humanistic and eclectic approach to assisting individuals find balance in their lives.


I am always fascinated by human mind, body and spirit and how we can increase our sense of aliveness with balancing those. I have a holistic approach and my goal is to offer you a safe and compassionate environment in which you can explore yourself and different parts of your being for building resilience and increasing your well-being.


I believe that the whole mission of therapy is to give you access to feeling alive which is a feeling of joy, curiosity, exploration, collaboration, engagement and etc.


There is a fountain inside you. Don’t walk around with an empty bucket. ~Rumi


Education: Master of Arts in counselling and psychotherapy

Professional Associations: Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)

Languages: English, French, Persian (Farsi)



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