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Psychologist Toni Rebic, M.A.
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Reflective readings and videos
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Written by Psychologist Toni Rebic, M.A.

Psychology Services

Heal, grow and align with your TrueSelf
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Workshops & Events

Tailored workshops to help in all facets of your life, and events to excite the mind & body

Power of Gratitude

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 Coaching Psychology

Psychologist in Montreal Toni Rebic, M.A. Founder of the Rebic Centre and Creator of TrueSelf Psychology


The Rebic Center, Inc. offers psychology services to individuals, couples and families with a coaching approach. It applies a progressive system named TrueSelf Psychology to effect healing and development in clients ready to take the leap and make the change. We also offer TrueSelf life classes and Gratitude Workshops to empower participants in principles of behavioural change and how their minds work in order to help them surpass their personal and professional challenges.





Build the energy of your dreams to make them happen

Do you have a dream? A desirable life goal you would love to attain? Most people do. However, all too often, many allow their fears, doubts and discouraging self-talk to build an impenetrable wall against achieving them. And then their dreams become longing wishes...

One Of The Most Popular Misconceptions People Hold Onto

Most people believe that whatever or whoever we think about is what causes our feelings. Just the thought of him makes me angry. When I think about her, I feel so much hurt. Whenever I picture their faces, I get so frustrated. Just thinking about it stresses me out!...

There’s One Word That Can Make Your Relationship Better

There is a common, yet powerful word so many people are reluctant to say. And that word is... Sorry. It’s just a composition of 5 small letters, but for some reason, it ends up in the back of people’s mind instead of at the tip of their tongue. Why is it so difficult...

Someone Has What You Want, Why Not You?

Dreams are meant to come true. But most people don’t achieve what they want because they have trouble seeing their goals manifest. They focus more on not attaining it and get stuck in the quicksand of excuses, doubts and insecurities. The more you find reasons and...


Forgiveness. A simple word, but a difficult act to implement. We think that forgiveness only helps the person who hurt us, and why would we want to do that? Because forgiveness serves you more than the person you are forgiving. Surprising, huh? If you hold onto the...

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